Tom Faulk Gives Wesley Woods A Lot To Swallow

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Since there’s a killer on the loose, what else can a couple of stoners do with their boners but go hump in the night?

As scary as our world seems right now, things were even more frightening that night in 1985 at Camp “Cum-a-lot” Camelot.

The darker it got, the colder it got. Stoner Tommy (Wesley Woods) and Jock Lance (Tom Faulk) were dispatched to forest for to find some wood. What could possibly go wrong?

tom faulk wesley woods flip fuck nakedswordWell, after smoking that good ganja, the only wood these two find is in their pants. But not for long. First, they pitched some tents. Second, they found a real tent. Then they found each other.

tom faulk wesley woods flip fuck nakedswordWesley Woods made his NakedSword Originals debut in “Fuck Me I’m Famous” where NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor pounded him like a sex toy. This is Tom’s debut with the studio. They were perfectly cast. Expertly paired. And their dicks are looking mighty stiff. And big.

tom faulk wesley woods flip fuck nakedswordWesley’s “purty” mouth gets a real work out. Then, so does his dick. He first slices into Tom then Tom goes for a ride that leaves his dick throbbing and swinging a full 360.

tom faulk wesley woods flip fuck nakedswordTom’s hard cock doesn’t go to waste. And neither does Wesley’s hole. He climbs on and plunges deep. Passion turns to primal as removes his tongue from Wesley’s mouth, replaces it with his fingers like a bit in a horse’s mouth … and proceeds to fuck him like one too.

tom faulk wesley woods flip fuck nakedswordFlipping Wesley on his back, Tom pummels a thick load out of Wesley that streams down his fist like a runaway white lava flow. Straddling Wesley, Tom’s nut hits Wesley’s nose. Then his chest. Then coats his tongue before Wesley cleans up the rest direct from the source. Now only if that killer was just as easy to dispose of.

[Watch Wesley Woods & Tom Faulk in “Sacred Stiff” scene three at the new NakedSword]


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  1. adam November 14th, 2016 at 3:14 AM

    Amazingly hot scene – one of the best from this studio in a long time. These two guys are really into each other and fuck like animals.


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