Wanted: Jake Andrews

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I got this fan letter from a reader of GayPornBlog.com:


Gay porn blog is quite an amazing discovery for such a gay video afficionado like me, so although I’ve missed lots of thing you had done here I hope the best is yet to come. Some other time I will lament about how hard and frustrating is it to get some gay porn in my sad corner of the world (the Balkans), but right know I would like to ask you do you have any info on Jake Andrews. In a way, my initiation in the realm of gay pornography (and thus my own gay experience) is closely relate to him – Aspen IV: The Rescue is the very first gay video I saw, and among all guys in that video it was Jake Andrews that fascinated me the most with his physique, versatility and something that I can not describe, some elusive factor X that makes him so irresistible (if you ask me). Somehow I managed to get two more videos with him in Idol Country and Matinee Idol and ever since he has the very speci al place at Olimpus of my favorite porn stars… Now, maybe I am not using the right sources of information on the Web, but I can not trace any information that he is still in the bussines. Do you know where is he these days, is he still connected to the gay pornography in any way, and is there any fan e-mail to reach him.

Pardon me for my not very good English,

Keep on rolling, and all the best,


Dear Gentle Reader:

Thank you for writing. I had the pleasure of working with Jake Andrews on two occasions. First on a movie I directed called That Old Whorehouse, and also on a movie directed by Chi Chi LaRue called Link to Link. On both occasions he was very quiet and only interested in performing his job. I can’t say I got to know him, because he was quite guarded. If I were a god like him, I wouldn’t have time for mere mortals either.

All I know if him lately is that he moved to Australia several years ago, and I assume he’s still there. I know he did a movie for Falcon called Good As Gold, featuring Matthew Rush competing at the Sydney Gay Games.

A few of his other movies are:

In Man’s Country
Stud Valley

I don’t believe he has a website (otherwise you probably would have found it), and I don’t believe he is actively pursueing a porn career right now.

UPDATE From John Rutherford at Colt:
Hello Mark,
I just came across the Jake Andrews piece on your site and wanted you to know that we’ll be releasing this Summer a brand new Jake Andrews scene shot in Australia, directed by none other Kristofer Weston.  Kristofer has joined the COLT Studio Group’s team and will be directing the Buckshot Productions line of movies for us.  Also, Jake’s scene is with a hot Melbourne-ite who’s dick even gagged Jake!  Now, that’s sayin’ somethin’!  ;)
Anyway, the movie is called, “Couples II” and also will contain a missing Ray Dragon scene with COLT favorite Felipe, that was shot over 10 years ago.  Very sneak peak, but I thought it may add to your Jake Andrews topic on your site and interest your fans.
I hope you’re well!  Thanks for all your support!
Also, the “HOG” press kit will be coming out very soon!
Ciao for now,


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  1. laysmutual February 16th, 2005 at 7:35 PM

    Jake Andrews is a hot man


  2. Jake Andrews June 24th, 2005 at 4:55 AM

    Hi Guys,
    I just read this posting. I live in Sydney Australia. I have been here 6 years.
    I still do the occasional video. (now only with Colt)

    Jake Andrews


  3. Chad Williams July 29th, 2005 at 10:26 AM

    I just watched “couples II” and Jake is ruggedly hot in this video. damn I wish I had more pics of him!! any one have any, please send..
    a Jake Andrews lover since 1995


  4. Jason & Gill September 6th, 2005 at 6:02 AM

    Hi Jake,

    Jason 8″ from Manacle here and friend Gill. How you doing? Just thought we’d check out a few pics and we weren’t disappointed!

    Reading the comments about you in the porno peanut gallery it seems you are very highly regarded in the industry!

    Anyway was great to meet you. See you around.

    Jase and Gill xx


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