Uncut Gay Porn: Legionnaires (2003)

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legionnaires-naked.jpgAfter a month of high-profile big-budget releases, it’s worth looking at one of last year’s smaller hits. Legionnaires (dir. Jean-Marc Prouveur, Oh Man! Studios) won a GayVN for Best Foreign Release and a Barcelona Award for Best Sex Scene (a hot, almost romantic prison sequence intercut throughout the film).

Filmed entirely in Morocco (though, truth be told it could have been Southern California) the camera follows a group of French Legionnaires, stuck M*A*S*H-style at a desert outpost. The hung, uncut studs are curious when a new recruit flaunts his tight young ass. They gangbang him and, as punishment, gruff Sam Griffiths sends them into the brush (where they inevitably find each other and fuck). It’s a real Morroccan buffet of Middle Eastern men making love, not war. Most of the foreign gay porn releases concentrate in emerging (submerging?) economies like Eastern Europe and Brazil, making them de facto fetish flicks. Legionnaires presents a cosmopolitan range of skin tones and a casual, comfortable sexuality that even big studios so often fail to achieve.

If you’re a NakedSword.com member you can watch Legionnaires for free now. Otherwise you can download or stream it for a week at the Gay Porn Blog Theater.


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