Two Blond Czech Guys Crawling All Over Each Other In Bed

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A few weeks back, I reviewed one of the first scenes from “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” and the final two episodes came out over the holidays. A couple of sexy blond Czech guys caught my eye, so I took a look at their scene.

Chris Hollandan has filmed for a number of other Eastern European studios under a bunch of different names and he’s an adorably cute, Czech guy. He’s blond with a beefy body and decent-sized dick, and he bottoms a lot. Karel Kohlicek is also Czech and blond, but his body is more lean and ripped. He’s good looking and his calves are covered in thick golden fuzz.

The producer introduces us to the lads in a bizarre interview. Bizarre because he asks the questions in English, translates them to Czech, the guys answer is Czech, and the producer just says “That’s sweet,” in English, but never translates the answers. Thankfully the interview only lasts about two minutes before these two blonds are crawling all over each other in bed.

They love to kiss, and they do a lot of it, then Chris pulls out Karel’s cock and works it with his mouth. The guys swap head back and forth, but Chris is the better cocksucker and goes balls deep. Karel tends to focus on the head. But Chris using his mouth and hands and he’s all over Karel’s shaft.

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Chris gets on his knees and holds onto the headboard and Karel gives him a long doggy-style fucking. Chris grunts and moans softly, the lad really loves getting dicked. Chris sits on Karel and rides his hard-on, then he moves onto his back for the cumshot.

The way Karel cums is fascinating and hot to watch. He fucks Chris until he feels his nut rising, then he pulls out and strokes. He pushes his cock head against Chris’ hole, but he doesn’t enter, then cum pulses out of his dick. Karel’s jizz hit Chris’ hole then gushes around his own cap – it’s thick and messy. Then he finally shoves his dick inside Chris and his load slides down his shaft. It’s a perfect porn cumshot. Chris jumps up and cums on Karel’s hole and fucks him a bit after he shoots, and oddly, this is the first time Chris has had his cock in Karel’s ass. But honestly, I was quite content watching Chris doing all the bottoming.

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