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When I first got this assignment to review “Trunks 3” by Hot House, directed by Steven Scarborugh I thought, “Why the fuck am I reviewing a seven-year-old movie?” I changed my tune in a hurry. Why? Well, I used to go gaga over Latino hunk Adriano Marquez. Gosh, he was such a handsome man and one of the first performers I remembered by name, and it’s been ages since I’ve seen him.

He’s joined in the final scene of the third installment of Hot House’s Trunks series by good looking Marco Paris and one of my favorite daddies, Vinnie D’Angelo. I used to live for the arrival of every new D’Angelo scene and then wanked my bone watching this dirty-talking daddy. One day his videos stopped arriving and he became a distant memory, buried under the avalanche of new porn that hits the Web every week. Out of sight, out of mind.
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When this scene opens, Marco is lounging in a chair and Vinnie and Adriano are horsing around in the pool. After watching for a couple of minutes, Marco shamelessly pulls his hard-on out of his swim trunks –- I forgot that he’s uncut, and now I’m loving him more than ever -– and he starts stroking. “You need help with that?” Vinnie asks. Some things in porn never change.

Marco doesn’t answer, he just keeps stroking, so Vinnie and Adriano hop out of the pool and stand on either side of his lounge chair. Marco goes from one cock to the other, first touching and pumping them, then gulping. He blows these men for a long time. So long in fact that I start to think, “Dude, are you ever going to get out of that chair?” Finally, he does and the trio is on all fours in a rimming chain on the pool deck. Adriano eats Marco’s butt who in turn is chowing down on Vinnie’s deep ass crack. I could watch them all day.

The great thing about rediscovering these hunks is that I’ve long forgotten who tops and who bottoms. I remember seeing Vinnie and Adriano both fucking and getting fucked in many films, but I can’t remember much about Marco. So when he pushes Adriano over and slips him his bone, it’s like seeing it for the first time. Vinnie leans across Adriano’s back holding his ass cheeks open and telling Marco to fuck him deeper … harder. Watching these men fucking in the sun makes me wish any or all of them would come out of retirement. But maybe it’s better this way.

Adriano Marquez opens “Trunks 3” with Francesco D’Macho; Trevor Knight, Kevin Armstrong, and Cole Ryan get off in another poolside threeway; R.C. Ryan and Trent Atkins fuck in the third scene; Francesco D’Macho is back in the forth with Josh Weston; and then Adriano Marquez, Vinnie D’Angelo, and Marco Paris finish off in scene five.

Francesco D’Macho tops Josh Weston in scene four from Trunks 3. This was one of Josh’s first scenes after ending his exclusive contract with Falcon:

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— Bruce Barrett

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