Election 2016: Presidential Watersports

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Politics here at GayPornBlog? Keep em ‘clutched guys: watersports has entered the conversation! Marco Rubio has taken to calling the Donald “thin-skinned” lately as he tries to remain relevant in a race that has the once savior of the GOP barely breaking double digits in the latest polls.

When you pick on Donald, what you can expect is a swift, loud sophomoric retort. But someone over at Trump HQ took their clever pills this morning.
Marco Rubio is well known for dry mouth. His incredibly awkward on-screen grab for a quick sip of agua when he was giving the Republican response to President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union made for hilarious headlines

trump trolls rubio with water
And was the gaffe that launched a 1000 memes.

trump trolls rubio with water
Then there is Rubio’s well documented sweating problem as evidenced in the last debate.

Worried that all that perspiration and thirst would play havoc with the electrolytes of his favorite Cuban candidate, Donald sent this to Rubio HQ this morning

CNN sums it up …

Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio with a special delivery for his rival: “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water.”

Trump has previously trained his fire on Rubio, claiming he has the worst voting attendance record in the U.S. Senate and that he sweats a lot. But CNN learned that the Trump campaign sent a “care package” to Rubio’s Washington campaign office that contained a 24-bottle case of “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water,” with Trump’s face on it, two “Make America Great Again” towels and bumper stickers and a note reading, “Since you’re always sweating, we thought you could use some water. Enjoy!”

A Trump campaign aide said they added the towels “for him sweating,” and described the overall gesture as a lighthearted prank.

I may not be crazy about his politics but Donald, touche! And since I don’t want to be accused of flip-flopping like the Senator from Florida, I lured you here with the promise of watersports and watersports I shall deliver. Or actually, Damien Crosse will …

[Watch Damien Crosse and Adrian Toledo Piss & More at StagHomme]

And don’t forget to vote!

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