“Greasers” Will Make You Slick

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Those that need the greasing are called “Greasers”. And with these fuckers, a lube job on the clock becomes a date with their boss’ dick that there’s no hiding from.

When we took a sneak peek yesterday, the trailer set the scene. “Greasers” is the is an original flashback fuck fest written by Chi Chi LaRue and architected for the blue screen by Trenton Ducati in his directorial debut for NakedSword Originals.

“The guys from the wrong side of the tracks, low lifes, hustlers, that’s what society called them. But these hot rod driving, skintight leather wearing punks with slicked back hair and piston pumpin’ cocks call themselves “Greasers”. When they aren’t working on cars they’re working on each other.

nsv047_sc1_koreyhouston_affilv_1“Greasers” is the story of what happens when horny boys and big dicks are fueled by a potent cocktail of power struggles, free-flowing liquor, and lust that can’t be curtailed even they wanted to. Then again, “Greasers” isn’t about what they want. It’s about what they need. The process of discovering that begins right in their pants and ends on the floor of the garage.

greasers gay porn nakedswordLesson one goes to grease monkeys, Kyler Ash and Kory Houston. Seems they are hitting the flask of hooch, then each other, and not hitting that car that needs tending to as well.

greasers gay porn nakedswordThey’re on the cock – when they are supposed to be on the clock. But in “Greasers”, that’s not always a bad thing.

greasers gay porn nakedswordBut since every lesson needs a teacher, enter Trenton Ducati. It’s not that he has a problem with what the boys were up to. It’s that he was left out. Initially, that is.

greasers gay porn nakedswordOne flip fuck turned split roast later only leaves our trio wanting more. And one of the boys with quite a mouthful.

[Watch Kyler, Kory, & Trenton in “Greasers” scene one]

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