TIM’s Brad McGuire’s So Horny He Fucks The Dining Room Table

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treasure island media brad mcguireSometimes I just want to sit back and watch another guy working his bone and pick up some new stroking techniques. TIM Jack 2 from Treasure Island Media gives us ten steamy scenes with a sexy bunch of guys from beautifully ripped and handsome Eladio (aka Randy Blue’s Diego Sans) to skinny and inked Ryven wearing a red mohawk. But I settle on Brad McGuire, I’ve been watching this horny bald top screwing bottoms for years. A twinkish Chris Porter also makes an appearance — a decision he later said he strongly regretted.

Brad stands at a wooden dining room table and rests his nuts on it, he pulls his foreskin, stretching it between his thumb and index finger. This gets his dick hard and he strokes it with both hands. But the hottest part is watching him sliding it across the table. Holding his meat down with his thumb, Brad pumps back and forth across the shiny surface. His bright pink cock head slips in and out of his foreskin.

He fists his bone and picks up speed, he plays with his nipple with his free hands, but sensing his impending nut, he wraps his hand around his balls. “Oh fuck,” he grunts, unloads his pearls of cum on the table. He squeezes out every drop of cum, then repeatedly thumps his stiff dick on the table. He finally cleans the table with a dark bandanna and slides it into a clear plastic bag; no doubt it’s destined for some jizz hound who wants to buy Brad’s used cum rag. Watch all ten scenes from “TIM Jack 2” at NakedSword, “TIM Jack 1” is there too.

treasure island media brad mcguire treasure island media brad mcguire treasure island media brad mcguire4

TIM Jack Volume 2 from Treasure Island Media. Directed by Paul Morris. Starring: Chad Rey, Bill, James Hamiltonhay, Chris (aka Chris Porter), Martin, Branden, Stone, Eladio (aka Diego Sans), Ryven, and Brad McGuire.

The porn star in the following clip is uncredited (anyone know who it is?) James Hamilton:

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  1. Jerry February 26th, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    I’m pretty sure your unidentified porn model is James Hamilton, also known as James Biehn.


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