Brent Corrigan & Topher DiMaggio’s Tropical Heat

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Topher DiMaggio and Brent Corrigan go hard, deep, into the pink, and “Into the Blue”.

topher dimaggio fucks brent corriganThere’s little more handsome a sight than Topher with a cock in his mouth. Especially when it’s Brent big piece with his ginger bush crown. Once Topher demonstrates his often-overlooked deep throating skills, Brent shows him two deep throats are far better than one.

topher dimaggio fucks brent corriganBut once Brent gets on all fours and shows off his ass, Topher makes a beeline to the target. First with his tongue, then his thumb, then it’s time for Brent to get DiMaggio-ed.

topher dimaggio fucks brent corriganAs he’s riding, Brent’s dick bounces against Topher’s abs. Jerking his cock in rhythm with Topher’s thrusting, Brent blasts his load all over Topher’s tanned, toned stomach. Then Topher unleashes one of his super-soaker nuts all over Brent. A deep kiss and then they both go deep “Into the Blue”.

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