Fire Crotch In The House

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Sean Cody goes three for three with a brand new ink-free, thick-dicked, ginger.

thom red head sean cody“There’s a lot of senses right there,” Thom says when asked about being rimmed. “It gets me even harder.” He’s not opposed to giving them either.

thom red head sean codyAs for that dick, “whenever I have sexwith girls, they say it hurts them … it’s kinda funny,” our carrot top says with a smirk. We’ll see what happens if he proves to be a carrot bottom at some point as well.”

thom red head sean codySpeaking of which, “Probably (nod). Probably (nod). I hope (half a smile), is how Thoms answers when Sean Cody asks him if he will back. Watch this blog.

[Watch Thom at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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