Gus Mattox: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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Its ochre stucco arches opened onto a terrace that boasted a spectacular — if vertiginous — view. The azure sea lay a dizzying 1,000 feet below, and spotlights mounted on the cliff just beneath the terrace illuminated the hotel�s clean art-deco lines.

These aren’t the kind of perfectly crafted sentences I expected to find on a porn star’s web site. But then Gus Mattox isn’t your average porn star. For him, being in gay porn isn’t his life’s work, but rather one element in a long and varied career in the stage and screen.Before he started doing movies, he composed the score to an Oscar-nominated film (Metropolitan,) wrote dozens of off-off-Broadway shows and acted in two National Tours. This afforded him the ability to write the scripts for the movies he stars in. And, unlike some others, he’s completely open about his non-porn life, which is refreshing.

(Images courtesy WhipFlash Studios and John Skalicky/Falcon Studios)

First start with a few words about your most recent project. I shot a scene a few weeks ago for Falcon, directed by Steven Scarborough. Although Steven is Mr. Hothouse now, he used to work for Falcon a lot and they had some sort of final business arrangement to take care of. I benefited from that by being able to work with him while still a Falcon exclusive.


I’ll be 44 11/14/04

Day Job?
Not at present

A small town about 65 miles north of New York City.

How can fans get in touch with you?
has a guest book as well as an e-mail link. I love hearing from folks and I respond to everything!

OK, so why the hell did you decide to become a porn star? Because I was asked! In addition to having fun doing the work, I hoped it would bring me greater visibility for my writing, my mainstream acting and other things. So far, it’s working out pretty well.

Do your parents know? Yup. I told them (and everyone else) right away. I’m not a kid, after all, but I wasn’t going to go back into the closet at this point. But, mostly, I figured there’s a possibility they might have found out some other way, and I thought I’d save them any embarrassment by giving them all the information upfront.

How did you come up with your porn name? I wish I could remember. It’s been my online cruising persona for ages. I do remember in my high school social psychology class learning that the eye is drawn to any word with an “X” in it in the hope that the word will be “sex.” Hence, “Mattox”. I just don’t remember where “Gus” came from.

Your first gay experience? Being born.

Favorite porn scene that you’re in? Couldn’t say, really. But the most fun to shoot was the most recent one (with Dean Monroe and Shane Rollins.) I was positioned through most of the scene in ways that really felt like I was HAVING sex, rather than SHOOTING it. I went back to the hotel that day with a smile on my face.

Favorite porn scene that you’re NOT in? That’s easy: The scene in Seamen (Fallen Angel) with Mike Powers, Jon Galt and Patrick Knight. Hands down. No contest. Case closed!

What’s the corniest line of porn dialogue you’ve had to deliver? “C’mon kid, sing!” Ooops — that’s from 42nd Street, which I toured in. Hmmm…. I seem to recall the transition in “The Recruits” to get Cade Devlin down on my dick was less than elegant.

What was the first porn you ever saw? Whatever was showing at The Adonis Theater on 8th Avenue the first time I got up the nerve to go in.

Name a sex act you haven’t tried. Fisting. Honestly, it just doesn’t interest me. Not that there’s anything wrong with it…

What do you think is your best asset? My smile, I guess.

What do you think is your worst asset? My butt, from some angles.

What do you have a weakness for? Chocolate and cheese. And screwball comedy.

Name the celebrity you’re most often told you look like. Chris Isaak and Harry Connick, Jr.

Name a CD currently in your CD player. Do I have to? It’ll ruin my image. (Sigh) Richard Strauss: “Ein Heldenleben”.

Favorite Magazine? Don’t read ’em.

What’s your workout routine like? I have a six-day routine: a different body part each day plus 30 minutes cardio. Really simple.

Favorite non-porn movie sex scene? Angie Dickinson in the taxi in Dressed to Kill.

Can you cook? Can I cook?! Oy, can I cook!

Would you ever date a Republican? God, no! I wouldn’t mind plowing Tucker Carlson just to say I did, but I do have my standards, after all.

What’s in the future for you? I’ve got an itch to do another show, so I’ll probably start auditioning again. But, I’ve been on a writing jag lately, and I’m going to see about pursuing that more seriously. I’ve worked in porn for a year now. Believe me, there’s plenty of material for a book!


Gus Mattox Videography:

Bolt (Rascal, 2004)
FiveStar (Titan, 2004)
Taking Flight Part 2 (Falcon, 2004)
Kept (Falcon, 2004)
Raw Footage (Rascal, 2004)
The Recruits (Falcon, 2004)
What Men Do (Rascal, 2003)
Brooklyn Meat Company (Pacific Sun, 1999)

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  1. isaiah brown October 8th, 2004 at 5:44 PM

    you are so fine. I want to get with you


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  3. jim February 14th, 2005 at 1:03 PM

    Hey, a beautiful mind AND body; talent AND ability; open AND ambitious. Gus, you’re a regular ball of FIRE. Of all the performers, despite all the hype, you are one of the few who are a “complete” package with the “fire” to match all your attributes. Love to watch you work. Go for it!


  4. timothy March 19th, 2006 at 7:58 AM

    hott as ever


  5. zahir August 24th, 2007 at 4:57 AM

    with a brain to match your brawn, you are a far match to your colleagues in the porn trade. Very extraordinary attitude towards sexuality and not afraid of trying on whats on the other side of the fence. I think GUS, is synonymous to Gutsy.


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