The Redheaded Iconography Of Seth Fornea

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Would Ginger G-d Seth Fornea be just as sexy strutting naked down Canon Blvd in Beverly Hills if celebrated photographer Venfield8 wasn’t there to document it? Fuck yeah, he would.

Robert Mapplethorpe’s S&M esthetic initially so shocked viewers that most didn’t realize he was also moving the penis from unseen to mainstream years before the public was ready. For the past 15 years, Venfield8 has taken it one step further.

BigShow Diaries characterized Venfield8’s vision as blurring the lines between “omnipresent banality and pornographic soft-pedaling.” That was never more apparent that his shoot with Seth Fornea for Loverboy.

ginger gay porn star seth fornea

ginger gay porn star seth fornea

ginger gay porn star seth fornea

ginger gay porn star seth fornea

As NakedSword Film Works (NSFW)fills the cinematic chasm between art and porn, Venfield8 has done the same between fashion photography and nudity, upping the ante from Colby Keller’s full frontal shoot for Vivienne Westwood.

Venfield8 mixed the worlds of lust and consumerism with his series “Designer Dicks.” Writer Calvin Hutchens summed the collection as, “it isn’t exactly porn either. An inherent gloss to the work makes it fashion-y , although deeply more substantive. Nor is it sexual enough to be porn chic.”

But when it comes to designer dicks, Seth Fornea’s needs no props or styling …

[Watch Seth Fornea at COLT]

When you saw these pictures of Seth, what did you think of first? Art, porn, or just how fucking hot they are?

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  1. Mark F. April 24th, 2016 at 11:28 PM

    Very hot. I wish Seth would do hardcore porn. Why doesn’t he?


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