The Real Moby Dick Is Worth The Hoopla

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Even with his very Boston accent, fisherman Michael Bergin could not believe he spotted an injured baby whale. His friend Jay thought it was a big sea turtle. Our fisherman wasn’t so convinced he hadn’t nabbed the Loch Ness monster if the sea. He narrated his astonishment for almost six incredulous minutes that went immediately viral.

Seems like our friends at GayHoopla were astonished when they recently spotted something the size of a baby whale. Or it might just be the monster cock that Kellan Hartmann that will be unleashed this Friday, October 2.

And in case you can’t wait until Friday, this from GayHoopla will definitely relieve any back-to-work testicular pressure …

[Watch Christian Borski and Jeff Niels Flip Flop]

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