The Legacy of Tom of Finland

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 24 years since we lost Tom Finland. Last year, the country of Finland honored the artist with postage stamps. The stamps are the country’s biggest seller ever, with pre-orders made in 178 different countries. But they just a small role in the legacy of Tom Finland. Patrick Staff’s The Foundation is a film installation that looks inside the Tom of Finland Foundation and the remarkable life of this iconic artist.

As they explain at Unicorn Booty:

Tom of Finland is probably the most well-known erotic illustrator of the twentieth century, gay or otherwise. He’s been the focus of fancy art books and gallery exhibitions worldwide. (His home country even recently featured him on two postage stamps.) His images of muscly cops and enormously endowed bikers were hugely influential on a generation of gay men who discovered his work in homoerotic physique magazines and, later, mainstream gay porn rags.

(h/t Unicorn Booty)


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