The Human Side of Sex Work: A Video Exploration

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decriminalize sex work

In a companion piece to Why The Rentboy Raid Feel So Bad To The Gay Community and The Rentboy Raid Intensifies The Urgency To Decriminalize Sex Work And Sex Workers, these two videos provide the human context on how the need for decriminalization of sex work specifically affects the LGBT community.

The first is from Matt Baume, who takes a look from a societal point of view:

The second one shows the rarely seen, and very human story behind sex work. Here, escort and porn star Rob Yaeger shows how sex work enables him to care for his disabled partner of 14 years.

Most people work and are not criminals. Take the stigma away from sex work, and it’s just work. That means most people employed in sex work are likewise not criminals. It is time they stop being treated as such.

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