My Uncle Tex, What A Big Dick You Have

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Luke Adams asks if he can call him, “Uncle Tex.” But it’s Tex Davidson’s big, fat cock that really makes Luke “Say Uncle”.

0-adamsdavidsonLuke couldn’t push that bucket out of the way fast enough to get on his knees. All Tex had to do was stand there and enjoy the view. Luke skull fucked himself right down to Tex’s balls.

tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmenTex takes his own lunch break in Luke’s hole next. Then his dick takes a tour to see what Luke had for dinner the night before.

tex davidson fucks luke adams titanmenA boy can only take so much pounding before he explodes all over himself. And we all learn something else here too: Uncle Tex loves the taste of Luke’s cum just as much Uncle Tony did. If not more.

[Watch Luke Adams & Tex Davidson in “Say Uncle” scene four] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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