“Spread That Ass, Boy.”

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If you’re paying a landscaper top dollar to work on your yard, you might as well get some head out of it, right? That’s what grey-haired daddy Steve Lucas thinks. He’s hauling a bag of soil and stops as he enters the yard and admires Kidd Manleigh, a dark-haired man with a goatee who is working his rake across the wood chips.

Steve puts down his bag of dirt, then moves in on Kidd. The landscaper rebuffs him at first, but Steve doesn’t stop. He pulls down the landscaper’s shorts and nuzzles his neck. Before you know it, Kidd is on his knees gulping daddy’s thick cock. He swallows it easily and doesn’t need any help, but Steve gets off holding his head and pushing his meat deeper down Kidd’s throat.

Kidd loves Steve’s cock and gives this daddy a full-service blowjob, always looking up to make sure Steve’s enjoying his mouth. Kidd’s the kind of cocksucker you want working your bone, so he’s quite hot to watch.

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Kidd bends over the fountain and Steve buries his face between Kidd’s furry cheeks eating hole then fingering it vigorously. “Spread that ass, boy,” Steve grunts. He stands and shove his fat bone inside. Steve is one of those fast-fucking daddies, ramming his dick in and out with quick jabs.

Steve works up quite a sweat in the afternoon sun, he puts his hands on the furry small of Steve’s back and continues pumping forcefully, but not quite as fast – he’s losing steam. Kidd rolls over and Steve fucks him until Kidd blows his wad on his hairy belly. Daddy’s a hungry pig and bends over to clean up his boy’s cummy dick, then he unload his nuts on Kidd’s belly, and he licks that up too.

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