Some Family Values Are Raw

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“My sister won’t be happy about this. She is your girlfriend you know.” “She doesn’t have to know.” Oh Brother.

The sixty-nine turned rimsky-nine is pretty hot. So is this penetration shot. I do wish it was earlier, and there were more of them before “premise” fatigue set in. One-thrid story plus one-third foreplay plus one-third penetration in non-camera-friendly positions is not how to do it.

Max and Dante do have the “David and Goliath” thing going on, and that part works. Max is hard from the pounding most of the time and Martin fucks a pretty decent load out of him before giving his girlfriend’s brother a creampie. And they all jizzed happily ever after.

[Watch Max Penn & Dante Martin in “My Sister’s Boyfriend: Magic Rub”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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