The $2K Robot You Can’t Fuck

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Porn sites were streaming videos long before YouTube. We figured out how to do it first. Primal necessity has long been the mother of invention. But when it comes arriving advent of robotic technology, at least one company wants to it make clear … their mainframes aren’t for fucking.

Aldebaran Robotics is the first company to take a stand against having sex with robots—or, at least, its robot.

Pepper, Aldebaran’s cute robot, is designed to operate alongside humans and recognize their displays of emotion, responding appropriately to crying and laughter. The bots are already at work greeting customers in SoftBank stores, and Aldebaran made them available to the public, selling out of 1,000 units within one minute. Each one went for £1,300 ($1980 U.S.), followed by £250 ($380 U.S.) in monthly rent.

Wired translates the relevant portion of the robot’s Japanese user agreement as banning “acts for the purpose of sexual or indecent behavior.”

But all is not lost … until you can creampie a real sexyal cyborg, we already have the AutoBlow2

What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2, you’ll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences. Give your arm a rest and allow the Autoblow 2 to work a load or two out – automatically. The sleeve pops out in a second for easy cleaning. You’ll need a water-based lubricant, plus you might want to use a toy cleaner to make sure your sleeves are squeaky clean when you’re done.

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