Michael Evans Makes Sean Costin Flip

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After I was first introduced to my gig here at GayPornBlog, one of the first things I did was introduce you all to one of my favorite models, Sean Costin from GayHoopla just like this:

At 6’4” and 220 pounds of solid muscle, Sean Costin is one hot slab of man.
sean costin gets fucked
Handsome, bi-racial, light dusting of hair, a nice sized dick that the rest of his muscles were not built to over-compensate for, and an ass you could make a Thanksgiving meal out of.

Now that Thanksgiving is a little less than 10 days away (I know, holy fuck), I’m getting stronger hunger pangs — and not for turkey …
sean costin gets fucked
Sean Costin is back for GayHoopla today with also muscled Michael Evans. Not to take anything from the fine body and cock Michael Evans is equipped with, but look at the musculature of Sean in the image above. The separation between his quads and hamstrings, the muscular arc of those glutes, the veins in his forearms, and sheer expanse of his biceps.

Neither Sean Costin nor Michael Evans have that tell-tale “bacne” or shrunken balls which would indicate they have achieved their muscle the old-fashioned way. Once the premise is over (be patient with the trailer), any residual pretense goes along with it and a “take no prisoners, just take each other every way you can” intense flip ensues.

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From Gay Hoopla:

A whole bunch of drama has been going on off set. Here’s the skinny… Sean Costin & Michael Evans both fucked Leo Bosh. Michael actually witnessed the fucking between Sean & Leo and was bona fide jealous. Michael was undoubtedly into Sean secretly but didn’t know how to tell him. So he thought the best approach to get Sean’s attention was to try to fuck Leo better than Sean did. Word started to get around the house that Michael seduced Leo and fucked him senselessly.

Michael left with a huge smile on his face knowing eventually the moment would happen where he’d be confronted by Sean. Today that happened, and Michael played it magnificent. Sean came in real forceful asking Michael what was up. Michael didn’t back down taunting Sean about not being able to suck dick, having NO rhythm in the sack and more. Michael played this one so well, he ended up baiting Sean into finally fucking around with him. These two got so hot and heavy, that an unexpected flip fuck ensued. This video is HOT!!!
[Watch their Scene]

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