Lawrence Gives It A Shot .. Or Two

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You may get a load from Lawrence. He’s got two for us today. One the normal way. Then there’s the second one …

Ff there’s only one item on the menu, at the minimum, Lawrence from Sean Cody is worthy of making a meal out of.

lawrence sean cody6’1″ Lawrence loves football and is 20-years-old. In a combination of the new camera guy who doesn’t have his interview badge yet — and Lawrence who doesn’t seem to relish being interviewed — we don’t find out much else about him. We learn he’s had five sex partners with no inference of gender.

lawrence sean codyWe also learn he’s pretty clueless about the supposed hand and dick size correlation. However, he makes up for that by providing visuals. Now, I do think he’d benefit from some judicious trimming above the neck and letting things grow below; his body is very well built and looks even better in motion.

lawrence sean codySpeaking of motion, all motion stops when he goes for his second nut. He grasps his dick tight just below the head and has the cum ooze out like beer froth overfilling a glass. Anyone else suddenly thirsty?

[Watch Lawrence at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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