Dean & Jasper: The Scene That Shouldn’t Be Seen

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It was back in October. At first, I wondered why Sean Cody skipped “get to know me” solo all together and instead, had Jasper plop his pert little buns right on Brodie’s cock.

sean cody dean
Then it became obvious; he could not possibly look as hot alone as he does with Brodie’s dick in his ass. Just watch Jasper’s bloated boomerang sway like a tree branch in a windstorm as he rides Brodie. Hard cocks don’t lie. For the first time since, Jasper is back today and he hand-picked his top, Dean.

Even though Dean’s last scene with Randy was decidedly lacking; lacking in foreplay, chemistry, passion, and cum shots to be specific, there was that crazy flip he had with Perry — this was the one where Perry had Dean in a strangle hold while he fucked the cum out of him — that’s still hot as hell a year plus later. I wonder if that was what Jasper was hoping for. At the very least, he was hoping for a great scene.

sean cody dean

I know I was hoping for a great scene too. There are a couple of kisses. The blow job bonus is we get a peek at Dean’s ass. But one-quarter of this rather blah 20 minutes is talking and behind the scenes – not a good sign. The Shaw and Curtis jizz trifecta of last week will have to tide us over. Like the Randy and Dean scene mentioned earlier, today’s scene is another one-shot wonder. Even though we have seen worse, it’s not Brandon Bottoms bad, but I still wonder why Sean Cody let this air. Actually, I know the answer and I don’t like it anymore than I liked this scene.

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Sean Cody Adds:

Jasper shot me a message a few weeks ago saying he wanted to come back to get fucked by Dean specifically. “What makes you like Dean?” I asked. “He’s hot as fuck! Who wouldn’t want to get fucked by him?” Jasper definitely has come out of his shell since the first time he was here. “I was a little more shy back then but once I get more comfortable I’m able to open up and have a little more fun.” Once Dean and Jasper got together, it was easy to see how horned up Jasper was, especially once he got Dean’s cock in his mouth.
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