Brandon Bottoms Out

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As we saw last week, they sure know how to hype at scene at Sean Cody. After five years topping in 25 scenes, big, sexy Brandon giving up his cherry on camera is a legitimate gay porn event. Guessing who could, or should, be the dick to do the honors turned into a dirty game of “Clue” that I enjoyed playing. But it also gave me pause: the build up to the scene was a lot for anyone to live up to … even Brandon’s virgin’s ass.

My “Houston, we have a problem” feeling was reinforced last Wednesday when they let the cat out of the bag and revealed it was Tanner who would be doing the honors. With speculation riding so high and being explored ad naseum in the gay blogesphere, I could only think of one reason they would pull the spark plug out of that party bus. My suspicion was that after seeing the finished product, they felt the need to tamp down expectations and prevent the town folk from a leading a charge to Sean Cody headquarters with lynching rope and flaming torches.

sean cody brandon bottoms

If you are a Sean Cody fan in general or a Brandon fan in particular, stop reading now, follow this link and enjoy. Everyone else might find; the single-position with no decent view of penetration, Brandon’s lack of both a hard-on and a cum shot from the fucking, and the way Tanner went at it as if this big dude was a china doll that might break, more than a little underwhelming. The kissing at the beginning lasts almost as long as fucking sequence. But you don’t have to worry about getting those two segments mixed up. When they are kissing, you see, Tanner and Brandon actually seem to be enjoying themselves.

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Sean Cody Adds:

“Why are we here Brandon?” I asked. Brandon usually looks confident and ready to go in his films but today was a little different. “To do bottoming things.” He replied. “What does that mean?” Brandon was doing his best not to say it out loud. “Putting a penis in my butt! I am little nervous.” You should take a second and reread that. Yup…Brandon, after over five long years, is finally bottoming. Tanner comes back to do the deed.

“But haven’t you two already been paired together.” Brandon speaks up. “I requested him. I liked our film together and thought the only person I trusted was Tanner”. Tanner starts off eating Brandon’s tight hole then goes on to toy it a bit before the big moment. Enjoy this piece of SeanCody history and see Brandon finally take a dick up the ass!
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