Wood Fox Has “Loads” Of Fun With Scott Riley & Luke Diamond

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Woody Fox, Scott Riley, and newcomer Luke Diamond share a “cum as you are” protein breakfast turned fuck fest.

The first to hit “The Ten Spot” was uber-hung Calvin Banks and sexy Micky Jr. Spying on them got Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox so hot and bothered, he took it out on a very receptive Brandon Wilde and turned him into a cum guzzler. Then Jonah Fontana pelted Ian Greene with three feet of jizz.

Today, Woody didn’t just watch Scott Riley and Luke Diamond go at it. He joined in the action unfolding in “The Ten Spot”.

woody fox scott riley luke diamond gay pornSan Francisco is an expensive place. Despite the pile of ten spots Woody earned from “The Ten Spot”, he still needs his day job. He was getting ready for work he sees Luke Diamond and Scott Riley going at it on the fire escape. He opens the window and invites the guys in under one condition: he gets to watch. Woody is going to be late for work today. Right now, his dick is the real boss.

woody fox scott riley luke diamond gay pornWith his hole all warmed up from Luke’s tongue, Luke uses the back of Scott’s throat to lube up his dick.

woody fox scott riley luke diamond gay pornSlicked and hungry, Luke bends Scotty over and starts pounding. Mid-fuck, he gets Scott on his back and plunges in and out until Scott blows a fat nut all over his abs. Luke flips him over again, takes another snack of Scott’s freshly fucked hole then slathers it with his heavy load.

woody fox scott riley luke diamond gay pornAs for Woody, yes, he eventually made it to work. But not before he got what he needed from Scott and Luke. And while Scott and Luke were ready to go for another round, they remembered the cardinal rule: there’s always another horny couple who needs to unload in “The Ten Spot”.

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Counting down “The Ten Spot”
woody fox scott riley luke diamond gay porn
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