Don’t Bottom For Ryan Rose Unless You’re Properly Limbered Up

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ryan rose cockstar falcon boxcoverI wouldn’t normally review a Falcon video, let alone one featuring Ryan Rose. I generally find Falcon guys are too plucked and shaved for my taste; too manscaped with pretty, fan-shaped pubic hair. To me, they almost look plastic. There isn’t too much that I find interesting about Ryan Rose, either: he has a nice body, but he doesn’t look real.

But I made an exception with their latest release, Cockstar. Why? Because I saw a picture of Adams doing the splits on the kitchen counter while Rose fucks him. I had to check out if it was real or simply staged for the promo pics. It’s real (sort of.)

Luke never gets fucked in the video like he does in the picture with both legs on the same counter, that seems to have been staged for the photos. But Luke does have a leg hoisted up on the kitchen counter and Ryan is screwing him, then Ryan grabs Luke’s leg, pivots him, and places his leg on the other counter.

ryan rose cockstar

Ryan Rose Cockstar


Then Luke lift his other leg up on the other counter so that he’s doing the splits in the air and between the two counters, and Ryan continues fucking him. They fuck like this for a minute and a half before Luke lies on the counter to get covered in cum. Here’s a clip from the scene:

ryan rose cockstar

Also can we talk about how cute Luke Adam’s butthole is?

ryan rose cockstar

ryan_rose_cockstar1 ryan rose cockstar

“Cockstar” from Falcon Studios. Released 2015. Directed by Tony DiMarco. Starring: Lance Luciano, Sean Zevran, Brandon Jones, Alexander Gustavo, Luke Adams, Johnny V, and Ryan Rose. Watch Cockstar on NakedSword or on


Lance Luciano and Sean Zevran’s scene is nothing to sneeze at either:

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