Ryan Rose Uses Jake Archer For Target Practice

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By the time Ryan Rose and Gabriel Alanzo finish getting “Intimate” with Jake Archer, will anything be left for the rest of us?

gay porn star jake archerThe minute Ryan sits down, he immediately becomes the focus of Jake and Gabriel. More specifically, it’s the bulge in his briefs that pulls them to his crotch. It’s simple what they need from Ryan: every millimeter of available flesh. Jake pulls out his throbber and slips it into Ryan’s mouth as Gabriel completes the chain down between Ryan’s legs.

gay porn star jake archerRyan bends Jake over and the fuck train begins. Then, Gabriel wants in on the action. Jake’s hole gets excavated by Ryan’s tongue while Gabriel’s ass gets the full intensity of Ryan’s power thrusts.

gay porn star jake archerJake is the first to give in & lets loose on sexy, ripped abs of his. Gabriel follows suit blows his nut on top of Jake. Very nice, boys. But when Ryan stands up, no we really have a shooting match that starts in one area code and ends in the next.

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