If You Haven’t Seen The New Ryan Rose And Pierre Fitch Flip-Flop Fuck Yet … You Should

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Most of the time, flip-flops are better in theory then in reality. Today is not one of those times. Then again, we are not dealing with ordinary “web talent,” we are dealing with Pierre Fitch and Ryan Rose.

Ryan Rose And Pierre Fitch Flip-Flip
After 17 years in the business, Pierre has never looked hotter. Ryan Rose looks hot as always. They look even better in motion.

From Falcon:
Strikingly handsome Ryan Rose is tasty and hungry Pierre Fitch wants the full-course meal. They wear only jock straps, and Ryan’s arms are wrapped around Pierre’s hot body as if to keep him for his very own, both hands kneading Pierre’s bubble butt. They make out under a full moon, as their cocks harden and stretch. Pierre’s servant masterful sword-swallowing skills leave Ryan breathless. Grabbing Pierre’s thick cock that hangs from his jock, Ryan plays with his foreskin. In an unexpected move, Pierre surprises Ryan by flipping into a handstand and spreading his legs, offering his hole to be lapped. Ryan pigs out at the trough, then sets Pierre upright and sucks him. A standing fuck follows, with Pierre enfolded in Ryan’s arms, punctuated by groans and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Getting acrobatic again, Pierre grabs his toes and uses both hands to spread his legs 180 degrees. Now, Ryan drills him from above. Ryan’s hitting Pierre so good that he almost shoots a load in his own mouth, but Ryan wants some of Pierre’s dick in his ass, so they separate and reattach, with Ryan getting fucked until he blows his load. Ryan’s explosive cum shot drenches his torso and Pierre’s jizz is Ryan’s final course.[Watch The Movie Now]

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