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Roman Heart gay porn starSeptember 21st is going to be a big day for Roman Heart: In addition to doing a live sex show with boyfriend Benjamin Bradley on Flirt 4 Free, Falcon Studios is releasing their porn blockbuster-to-end-all-blockbusters Cross Country (You can buy it from Falcon directly, or stream it for a limited time on Naked Sword). In addition to being on the cover of part one — he’s the prize that Matthew Rush and Erik Rhodes are risking life and limb for in the movie — he’s also in the most scenes of anyone else in their annual two-part “destination” epic.

Barring a sudden retirement due to unforseen circumstances like finding Jesus, Roman is poised to take his place along side the pantheon of porn superstars the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. With just four movies under his belt (Studio 2000’s Flesh, which he did under the name “Linc Madison”, Getting It In The End, Super Soaked, and Heaven To Hell for Falcon), the 19 year old is already a big star. I’m fairly confident that Cross Country will launch Roman Heart into the gay porn stratosphere — where he belongs.

Hail, Roman!Roman Heart Gay Porn StarSingle/Taken?
The big question. I’m taken, been for 10 months now.

Birthday/Astro sign?
I’m an Aries, born in April. Chinese astrology I’m a fire tiger, the most sexual of the signs … Ha ha.

OK, so why the hell did you decide to become a porn star anyway?
Why not ? Ha ha. My friends actually brought the subject up, and after thinking a lot about it, I decided to give it a go. I remember getting on the plane the first time to go do a movie, and I sat there and thought, ” Should I get on?” I was deathly scared of it all, but I guess you can say I warmed up to it.

Best way for fans to get in touch with you?
Best way to fans to get in touch with me would be on my yahoo group. I talk on there frequently with people. As far as personal letters and such, sending them to Falcon Studios is your best bet.

Roman Heart Gay Porn StarDo your parents know?
Good Question. My mom suspects things. I told her that I just go-go dance. And she said, “First your going to go-go dance, then strip, and then do porn because that’s just the way you are.” Little does she know is that she has it all backwards. Ha ha.

How did you come up with your porn name?
My good friend Dante Foxx came up with it. Then Chi Chi heard it and thought it was a good name and gave it the seal of approval.

Corniest line of of dialogue you ever had to deliver in a porn?
I have to say in “Getting it in the End”, when I asked Colby Taylor for his number and he turns me down. I was supposed to say, “Jerk!” I thought it was so funny I think I ended up saying, “Fucker!” or something.

Name a sex act you haven’t tried.
Getting double fucked! Maybe Falcon will try that out in my next movie.

What was the first porn you ever saw? Just random free clips on the internet. But other then that I would have to say my first full movie I saw was Chi Chi’s “Back Row” remake.

Roman Heart Gay Porn StarFavorite porn scene (that you’re in)?
I like them all! But I have to say “Getting it in the End”, getting rammed on the pool table, while watching the feedback on the monitors off screne, of Colby Taylor’s huge cock going in and out of my ass. That was hot!

Favorite porn star of all time? Jenna Jameson. I like her movies, the sounds she makes, the way she does business. Smart girl.

What do you have a weakness for?
I have a weakness for dirty talk — to the point where I don’t know if I should be offended or aroused by it. Ha ha. One time this guy said,” Ya take it you fucking slut”. And I sat there, and thought, “should I be offended? But I fucking loved it!

CD currently in your CD Player?
Shakira’s new CD. Got to stick to my spanish roots. Ha ha.

Biggest turn on? Dirty talk, aggresive play,  playing with my ears. Pretty much everything.

Biggerst turn off?
When someone doesn’t make a peep. I like to know if someone’s getting pleased.

So, what’s next  for Roman Heart?
Hopefully some good things! A web site is in the works , so that’s awesome. I’m looking forward to the next year, and continuing in the business.


Roman Heart Gay Porn Star

Roman Heart Gay Porn Star