Randy Blue: A Stiff Dick Has No Conscience

Posted September 24, 2005 9:13 AM by

randy blue gay porn pic kyle 001.jpg

Jay, my favorite fat-cocked buddy, has surfaced again on Randy Blue. On Jay’s first video, he paired him with Kody — a sweet-dicked charmer who was as handsome as he was experienced. The session was hot, but not life-changing. This weekend, Randy’s posted an amazing video of Jay and Kyle — a straight guy from Oklahoma who’s only done jack-off photos so far. The results have kept me homebound for days… randy blue gay porn pic kyle 002.jpgIt’s not hard to distinguish between straight guys fucking men and gay guys pretending to be straight guys fucking men. Kyle, for example, can’t keep his eyes open during the session. And when he goes to suck Jay’s mammoth trade, he only ventures as far as the head. When he fucks Jay’s ass, he positively REAMS the hole and pounds it so hard (like it’s a pliant pussy) that Jay ends up grimacing in between grins.

Whether or not Kyle is ACTUALLY straight is a matter of semantics. He is, after all, fucking a guy. And you can call him closeted, in denial or desperate for attention/money/release but this corny, cross-eyed prairie dog certainly doesn’t identify as gay.

In other straight-men-trying-cock news, NakedSword‘s dug up about twenty amateur straight videos from their massive video collection for an amateur straight guy film festival of sorts. I’m particularly fond of the Body Shoppe’s “Stiff Dick Has No Conscience” series, which somehow didn’t make the cut.

It’s funny, in real life I have no desire to go straight — not only do find it a losing proposition, but I prefer someone who knows their way around — but on a video it’s so painfully awkward as to be hot. Maybe that’s what anti-porno peeps don’t get — it’s just fantasy. The best thing about porn, perhaps, is that it’s not real life.

randy blue gay porn pic jay 001.jpg

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