Roland Dane: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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naked-gay-porn-pic-roland-dane-cock-shot.jpgPolitics and porn are often uncomfortable bedfellows, but in the case of the Soviet Bloc over fifteen years ago, the fall of some led to the, er, rise of others. When men in countries like Czechoslovakia and Hungary finally gained access to the West, there was plenty of free trade to go around.

Granted, in the decade that followed, the ‘trade’ wasn’t always free. A flood of porn producers came to the Eastern Europe to capture the flood of gorgeous uncut cocks. Roland Dane had one of those cocks, but his debut in Falcon’s Out of Athens (2000, dir. John Rutherford) set him apart from his oft-photographed countrymen. In the years since, he’s worked for Studio 2000 as both a model and director. Recently, he returned to the lens of the man who discovered him over seven years ago — sweet, sexy Roland is working with John Rutherford to head up the COLT Studio Group‘s Olympus international line.

Roland’s still living in Budapest with his boyfriend, but he hasn’t lost his charm or sex appeal — or his taste for a little bit of spitting and soft leather. Find out more after the jump…
Roland Dane: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

gayporno-pic-roland-dane-video-village-2.jpgName: Roland Dane
Age: 30
Hometown: Budapest
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175lbs
Cock: 8″ uncut
Position: Top

What was your first sexual experiences like?
I’ve always been a sexual person. My first sex with girl was when I turned 15. I was so drunk she was older and ‘raped’ me. I don’t rememeber too much. Probably it was not my best performance. With men,I was 21. A friend took me to an underground gay club.I was drunk again (don’t worry,I’m not an alcoholic!) so I lost my inhibitions easily and grabbed a very cute guy and kissed him. I learned [that] men are better technically, but women can act they are ‘suffering’ more. Both are important for me. Bisexuality became a natural part of my life. I’ve never had any bad times, never felt ‘guilty’ because of it and I’ve never felt I had to decide between the two sexes.

How did you enter the adult industry?
I came from a very poor family like most of us in Eastern Europe.I studied for being a high school P.E. teacher and I had to work on the side. In a gay club I met a model agent who were looking for English-French translator to work beside US and French directors. I was so happy for the job, but I didnt want to work as a model, because it wouldn’t have been so nice in front of the kids’ parents. Although from the first moment I knew I wanted more from this business, I just needed a little push. Then [former head of Falcon Studios and current head of COLT] John Rutherford appeared n my life.

Tell me about meeting John Rutherford
It was in a cold winter eight years ago. My boss told me that the vice president of Falcon came to Hungary to watch for the quality of the [Falcon International Collection] movies and I would be his translator during his stay. I was so scared because me as a poor Hungarian kid never worked for a such an important person. I imagined him as an old, strict, superior man. When I met him he caused me a huge surprise. He was young, very handsome, smart and very informal with the ‘chosen-one’s’ charisma. I loved every minutes I could spend with translating for him. I was very proud of myself being his right hand for [those] three days. At the end of the first day he gave me that push [to be a model]. Very unexpectedly he offered me a Falcon exclusive contract. I said ‘yes’ immediately. I felt it could be only good … and I was right. I spent two beautiful years under his wings.We shot Out of Athens which is still a [benchmark] for me as a director.

gayporn-pic-video-village-monitor-roland-dane.jpgDo you think that being a model has helped you as a director?
I’m very lucky because I worked for the best [directors] as a model-translator and my eyes and ears were always open. I learned a lot from [John Rutherford], Chi Chi Larue and [Studio 2000’s] John Travis. They were my masters. On the other hand I learned what I mustn’t do from some Hungarian and French directors and agents. So I saw both ends.

What are some of the challenges or advantages of filming outside of the U.S.?
Budapest is the second porn capital of the world, so it’s legal and easy to shoot here, [but] harder to find location and crew for gay movies because of the homophobic society. US law is stricter but I have to [deal with] it because I work for the American market.

How has sex and porn in Eastern Europe changed since Hungary opened to the West?
Gay porn in Hungary is ten years old only but changed a lot from the beginning. Unfortunately being gay still means being mentally sick and HIV-infected in Hungary. Our big wins are our gay pride celebration and not-underground gay clubs … but gay porn is still very underground. The main changes are we already have 15-20 professional models who [are able to live solely from porn work] and three or four bigger Hungarian directors. In the past there were only foreigners.

gay-porn-preview-pic-olympus-alex-chandler.jpgWith all the restrictions and taboos, where do you find your models?
Fortunately, I have very good reputation amoung the models (not like some other producers who treat them shit),so they bring their friends to me always.They like to work for me because I treat them equal,informal and I never lie. Other ways to find are the internet, agents, exchanges with [other] producers and ads.

How is gay porn (or porn in general) treated or tolerated in Eastern Europe?
This society hasn’t grown up, yet. I’d just like to give you an example. Some big Hungarian female pornstars went to a talk show in the main commercial channel. Everybody (even the reporter!!!) treated her as a bitch and audience shouted this to that poor girl. I know her, she’s nice and didn’t deserve that. She was just so naive that thought porn is already in the right place in people’s head. After that you can imagine what would happen with a gay porn star on screen?

How does the new Olympus line fit in with the COLT brand?
[Olympus] is a European line, so it’s new for the COLT Studio Group. Fortunately there are lots of fans of eurosex out there. Also we will mix up the big American stars with EU beauties, which is a kind of unique in the market. (Here I’d like to say thank you for Alex Chandler and Danny Roddick for their great work. The are the most professional models I’ve ever met as a director.) We’d like to make casts of different type of men, but we choose only the best ones of each type. We would like to start a brand new live sex site also from Budapest to bring closer personally these Eastern European stars to the American fans. They deserve to get to know more of their EU favourites.

What type of sex are you most eager to shoot? How do your personal preferences inform your work?
Personally I love dirty orgies with 25-40 years old, athletic (not huge, but not skinny)… very handsome men. I love tough anal scenes [where a] big dick fucks the innocent guy. I also love gangbangs, gaping holes, spitting, uniforms, dirty talk and soft leather.

gay-porn-movie-pic-hostile-video-olympus.jpgNice. What are you working on now?
We just finished the editing of the first Olympus production.It’s a dirty story of two American guys (Alex Chandler and Danny Roddick) who come to the countryside of Hungary [to pick up] as many legendarily beautiful Hungarian guys as they can. Unfortunately, they meet the head of a cruel crime-organization before their trip in Amsterdam. After the boys get two supercute lures, they get kidnapped and raped by huge and aggressive criminals. Very dirty gangbangs with superstars Julian Vincenzo, Giovanni Floretto and Akos Piros, [as well as] cumshot champion Mario McGabe (four times in the scene), Fredy Costa, Lucio Maverick and Matt Stefan. It’s not a ‘fast-foward’ kind of a story, it worth watching. Danny and Alex are phenomenal in it — just like real actors. We made a movie we can proud of and I’d like to say thank you for all the support what John Rutherford gave me in the last 8 years. Without all the good things I learned from him I [would never have] been able to shoot a movie like this.


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  1. Carlo October 31st, 2006 at 9:49 PM

    I hate these pornoactors from East Europe. Most of them are straight,so that they aren’t emotionally involved in the action. Often handsome bodies but only mechanical ‘puppets’.
    They reflect the miserable gay life of those countries, money based, where nobody would admit he’s gay, even though he’s fucked in every movie (see interviews in Bjorn’s behind the scenes)
    We are fed up of gay-for-money actors!


  2. lilboobie November 1st, 2006 at 2:52 AM

    i love big cocks and good looking guys whish i could be thier with you


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    Fucking hot!!! Give me some of that ass!


  5. seb November 5th, 2006 at 11:20 AM

    hey all u sexy guys let me tell u i have a sweet cock lets meet


  6. Chi Chi Larue November 5th, 2006 at 4:24 PM

    Love you Roland
    Chi Chi


  7. simon November 5th, 2006 at 11:38 PM

    He lives in Budapest with his boyfriend! Also not all of us are as sexually black and white as others.


  8. Anonymous November 8th, 2006 at 2:47 PM

    “He lives in Budapest with his boyfriend! Also not all of us are as sexually black and white as others.”

    I just love Orwellian double-speak. So I guess being sexually confused or just bisexual means you’re “not as black and white as others” these days.

    Weep for the future!


  9. jack feiry (velvet goldmine) November 15th, 2006 at 11:27 AM



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    love 2 have gay sex


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    you guys are hot


  13. Machinemen December 1st, 2006 at 3:27 AM

    Carlo, hate is a very strong word, specially when you are refering to race or sexual preferences.

    Why do you hate somebody only based on their nationality or lifestyle? It’s not what you want for yourself, don’t you? Remember the golden rule.

    Besides, who told you the way you look at the sex must be the same for everybody? I think you have a very narrow mind that should be widened by knowing another countries and costumes.

    I’ve been to those eastern europe countries and they are not obsessed with defining themselves as “gay” or “straight” like you the americans are. They just enjoy their sexuality more freely.


  14. frank December 3rd, 2006 at 6:10 PM

    love male


  15. Anonymous December 6th, 2006 at 5:40 AM

    i love those gay for pay actors…who said they’re emotionless? totally wrong info


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    he roland were are you on the facebook… miss you sweet… hugs toni swiss


  19. male slut July 19th, 2010 at 11:00 PM

    Hey, I am bisexual (mostly bottom gay), pig of a men, and I want to perform in gay/bisex production. Budapest is closest to me, so it is the obvious choice for me. Can anyone help me (phone no, email, sites, etc)?! I did not found any recruiting/casting sites by myself…


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