Robert Chandler Joins Dirty Director Club

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Robert Chandler Lets It All Hang Out

Jake Cruise pulled out this week and closing Cocksure Men, and what do you know? Someone else threw his cock into the dirty director ring. Robert Chandler, the fetishist behind Fantastic Foreskin has generally stayed behind the camera, but this week’s inspection of Hylas Montgomery’s uncut monster proved too much to take.

“I never wanted to be on camera.” he protested saying he never intended to join an illustrious club that includes Jake Cruise, Tony Sparks, Bentley Race and Michael Lucas.

” But then I did my shoot with Hylas Montgomery. We met the night before the shoot to go over the details. I was so thrilled with what I saw. He was lean, dark, furry and didn’t look like other porn models. He explained to me that this family was North Indian. He was all I thought about that night. … I’m filming a video here. I’m making porn. This isn’t hook-up time. But I wanted him so bad.”

Turns out that while he’s an easy lay, Chandler’s cock ain’t half bad. Even if it is cut. Watch the seduction below …

Hylas Montgomery (@ on the tour page of Fantastic Foreskin)


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2 responses to Robert Chandler Joins Dirty Director Club

  1. Robert Chandler September 9th, 2011 at 12:02 AM

    Glad to hear my cock ain’t half bad! I’ll take that and the comparison to Michael Lucas as a compliment. (Except I’m a Democrat!)
    Love your blog. Loved the Maverick Men story. But loved that I came out relatively unscathed from this story the most!


  2. Tommy Wells September 9th, 2011 at 12:36 AM

    Truly agreed! Robert is The King of Foreskin (the “Fores-King”) and knows how to capture the uncut cock in all its glory and soul. I’m proud to have dedicated my time and worked with him on his hunt for hooded hog. He is an amazing friend amd a brilliant pornographer!


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