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As long as I’ve been working in the online porn industry, people have talked convergence — that we’d be able to stream porn on our TVs. The point ended up being moot. People are just as happy to watch it on their laptop. The other convergence was that production quality would rise to the point that would be integrated with Hollywood-level movies. But as Hollywood can no longer afford Hollywood, and porn, it turns out doesn’t need to.

For the past month or so, I’ve been watching Roadstrip — the reality show filmed by Cockyboys. Not only is Roadstrip better than most things porn, it’s better than most things on TV. This week, the boys land in LA for the Cybersocket Awards. While the episode (“The Bangover”) revolves around a drunken night with a stray beer bottle, there’s not a minute that is wasted. Porn might have just discovered its future. Check it out, after the jump

If you’ve been following the series so far, you know that Max and Jake are their naturally charming selves, so there’s no worry about scripting lines or doing weird set ups that feel forced. They go to the Cybersocket Awards, get drunk, go out the next night, pick up two boys and bring them back to their suite. From what I remember, this is what it’s like to be young and horny in your early twenties. You get drunk, and you and your wingman end up fucking two slutty guys in different corners of the room. Then, you wake up and find out the people you brought are fucking each other. More …

Roadstrip, Episode 2: Jake Bass and Levi Karter
Roadstrip, Episode 1: The Debut

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