The Dick “Drive Thru”

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Sexy, scruffy Rikk York was manning the graveyard shift of the “Drive Thru” window but wound up having Michael Roman manning him.

gay porn star rikk yorkRikk was making a quick run to the dumpster when he runs across Michael having a personal moment. Rikk hits the ground and dives straight down on Michael’s meat. There’s an impatient customer that will have to wait. It’s Rikk’s number that is now being served.

gay porn star rikk yorkRikk and Michael take it inside. Michael gets Rikk naked and spread wide on the counter. Soon Rikk is the one taking it inside. Deep inside.

gay porn star rikk yorkMichael keeps pounding until Rikk floods his furry abs. Then Michael loads Rikk’ hairy cheeks with a double order of special sauce. At this “Drive Thru”, everything cums one way: well done.

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