In Defense of the Rentboy Seven

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rentboy legal defense fundAll righty, guys. As I said on Saturday the proceeds from sale of the contents from the former RentBoy New York offices is happening this Saturday. While that will be a tangible example of the end of an era physically, the fact that all of proceeds are going to the serves as a reminder of something much bigger and that will last much longer. For former Rentboy CEO Jeffrey Hurant and the “Rentboy Seven,” their legal battles are just beginning. The stakes are serious: if convicted, they each face a maximum of five years behind bars and fines up to $250,000.

We haven’t heard much directly from Jeffrey Hurant until a dual-posting to the Rentboy and his personal Facebook pages today:

I realize that I have been very quiet on Facebook since my arrest on August 25th. I have been advised by legal counsel not to make any public statements about the case. As any of you who know me can guess, this hasn’t been easy for me.

rentboy legal defense fund

Jeffrey Hurant & his Dad

This ordeal has been devastating for me, my family, my ex-employees and all the people my company has helped through the years. I am very grateful for all the support I have gotten from friends far and wide throughout the crisis. I count my blessings every day.

The brilliant team at Sher Tremonte, LLP has been working tirelessly preparing my defense. Even though I have not been proven guilty of committing any crime, the government has seized all the assets that I can use to defend myself, so I am here asking for your financial help to insure that this case has the best legal minds working on it.

Please consider donating to the Legal Defense Fund.

Although I have covered the Rentboy Raid extensively here at GayPornBlog, the actual reason why the government put Rentboy in their cross hairs remains a mystery. One thing I am sure of, it still feels just a a bad.

For more information on the Rentboy Legal Defense Fund and to make a donation, please click here.
rb legal defense fund

This isn’t just about Rentboy or the Rentboy Seven, this is about taking a stand on the freedom of our community.

Empower Yourself
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