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Though the Hustball Ball Berlin was as ribald as ever, the fact our own NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor took home the award as “Best Versatile Performer” proves the hoe must go on! For seven defendants in the Rentboy raid, despite it’s fall from the daily headline, their defense must go on too.

At the end of August, I brought the announcement from high level adult industry attorney Larry Walters that “a legal defense fund had been launched for Rentboy and its CEO, Jeff Hurant, at RentBoyFund.org.

It’s also true that when you need a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm. The contents of the former offices of Rentboy.com at 6 W 14th Street, Suite 4W, NY NY 10014 are being sold on CraigsList.

We are trying to raise funds for our legal defense, so please consider your purchases as going to a good cause. Showings will be between 1pm – 7pm on Weekdays. All day on Saturday. If you cannot make these times, please call the number listed to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that all items are on a first come, first served basis.

If you can’t come by in person, please consider donating to the rentboy.com legal defense fund at:


We will take cash and Credit Cards. All purchases must be taken the same day.

This is your chance you own a unique piece of history and support a very worthy cause. Some of the items you can snap up include:


rentboy defense fund

rentboy defense fund

rentboy defense fund

rentboy defense fund

rentboy defense fund



– Office furniture
– Brand new desks that come with dual monitors on articulating arms
– Tons of single great video monitors
– Filing cabinets
– Office supplies
– Cisco networking equipment
– ONE HUGE NETSHELTER full storage rack for servers
– Books and classic magazines
– A lot of miscellaneous software
– And a lot of special, one of a kind rentboy.com ephemera

Remember, guys, only 59 days till Christmas!

Defense Fund Established for For RentBoy

From Xbiz:

Lawrence Walters, an industry attorney who represents RentBoy.com along with attorney Gill Sperlein, told XBIZ today that the fallout over the raid, arrests and seizure of the website has been unrelenting, particularly after an article on the topic was published in The New York Times.

Walters said that an even more important issue is raised by this prosecution — the threat to online innovation and freedom of expression.

“The actions of DHS have left the company and Mr. Hurant with no ability to fund a defense, or pay for basic living expenses,” Walters said. “The government has destroyed an entire online business that had operated in the open for 15-plus years with no warning.

Walters said a legal defense fund had been launched for Rentboy and its CEO, Jeff Hurant, at RentBoyFund.org

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