Remembering Gay Porn Icon Al Parker

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gay porn icon al parker


I’ve often seen those 70s and 80s classics on NakedSword, and I have wondered how they hold up after all this time. When I saw Bijou Films “Turbo Charge” with arguably one of the most influential gay porn stars of all time, Al Parker, I knew I had to check it out. Parker was one of my big faves back when I first started watching porn. He was so sexy and masculine, wearing shoulder-length hair and a beard, and of course, he was hung. When the first scene opens, Al Parker is walking down an alley, he’s bare chested in jeans and he’s strutting like he owns the place. I knew I had picked a good video.



Parker stops to admire Justin Cade’s 1964 Corvette Sting Ray. He sees Cade rubbing his crotch and Parker says, “It’s a nice one.” Then he stands inside the open door and outlines his monster hanging in his jeans. Cade invites him inside the bar for a drink. After a couple of sips, Al unbuttons Justin’s shirt, then the guys head to the basement where there’s a shower. Cade has a juicy fat cock and Al loves playing with his foreskin and does some docking before wrapping their fists around each other’s balls and tugging. Docking. Man, we don’t see that very often in porn videos anymore – and I love it.



Parker folds his meaty cock over his balls and pushes Cade’s dick between them, Cade fucks this makeshift hole. I’m reminded of why I liked Al Parker so much, he was sexy to look at, but even hotter to watch. He was a dirty pig — the first, the biggest, and the best. He eventually fucks Cade and shoots a vigorous flyer all over the hunk and they drive off together in Cade’s Corvette. In the final scene of “Turbo Charge” Parker deep throats the biggest black cock he’s ever encountered, it’s a must-see.

gay porn icon al parker

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gay porn icon al parker

Turbo Charge” by Bijou Films. Directed by Al Parker. Starring: Al Parker, Daniel Holt, Dixon Hardy, Justin Cade, James Williams, and J.D. Slater.

[Watch Turbo Charge on NakedSword]

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