Real Life Gay Love: Scott Tanner and Paul Wagner

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In case you haven’t been privy to Scott Tanner’s camera phone, the Raging Stallion star and his hot, hot, Hot House Exclusive boyfriend Paul Wagner are going to finally show off what they’ve been bragging about, or at least what Scott has been bragging about, since June. In the tradition of the Porn Stars In Love series, the two are doing a live webcam show tonight where they celebrate the sacred bond in the public sphere.


For everyone who’s ever complained that on-screen sex is a cardboard cut-out of the real thing, get yourself to Hot House tonight at 7PM to see what real filmed love is like. Alternately, you can hang around Scott long enough that he needs a picture taken — about three minutes — then hit the back button. (Sure, it’s free, but then again Scott’s phone doesn’t have a deal to distribute Bel Ami, and certainly isn’t directed by Steven Scarborough.)


Scott Tanner and Paul Wagner LIVE! (
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  1. Mr Mayor September 30th, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    I was off and on your site all day looking for new posts didn’t see a damn thing…lol now I log on to see a web show that was going to be live and free and i &*^%$#@ missed it ?
    Gimme a break!


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