President Obama’s Final The State of the Union

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[UPDATED] January 13, 2016

Yes, there was something of national importance that took place last night besides the 16th Annual Cybersocket Awards: President Obama’s final State of the Union address (see the original post below).

It was an evening of soaring oratory combined with political vision shaping a path forward for our country. Noted gay journalist Matt Baume (who will be making a cameo in the upcoming Cauke for President from TitanMen) buttoned up last address and the “LGBT change in the last 8 years, thanks in large part to the Obama administration.”

“Now the House GOP wants to take over — but their bizarre animated GIF of Louis Virtel snapping just proved that they don’t understand the country they think they’re qualified to run. ~Matt Baume”


I mentioned in the original post below that Kim Davis had poached a ticket to the speech. She was as resplendent vision as ever:

We know what to do … mark the calendar for election day:

Original Post: Jan 12, 2016

The Monday following the Paris tragedy back in August I felt compelled to speak on what happened. This morning, I find myself reaching out again for something that is about to happen. President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address this evening.

At most, I am using this platform for a moment of personal privilege. At the least, I’m taking a moment to make an important acknowledgement on the legacy President Obama has already left on our community. The untold number of HIV+ men and women now able to get health care under the Affordable Care Act has already changed their lives and the lives of those who love them. We can marry. We can serve openly in the military. While credit indeed goes the entire Obama administration for things achieved during his tenure in the Oval Office, I hold a tremendous gratitude for President Obama himself.

Hearing the leader of the free world look into the camera and say proudly, “You are not alone, there are people out there who love you and care about you just the way you are” could very well give just enough hope to our troubled youth to find the shadow of their own self-worth and survive one more day. To this adult, it made me weep; President Obama helped heal the wounds of a kid who grew up bullied in the days of President Carter.

president obama final sotu

Jim Obergefell & President Obama at a September 2015 fundraiser

The speech tonight is said to be “nontraditional” with an eye towards both history and the future. The White House has announced that Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in the landmark marriage equality case Obergefell v. Hodges, which ruled same-sex couples nationwide have the Constitutional right to marry, will be sitting with the First Lady tonight. At the same time, the Family Research Council of Douchebags has slimed their way into getting tickets for Kim Davis and her charlatan, attorney Mat Staver.

Just last week, I reported Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has issued an administrative order, directing probate judges that they may not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite the SCOTUS ruling. Concurrently, many of the 151 anti-LGBT bills filed in 33 states last year will work their way into the forefront this year — there are 20 anti-gay bills in Texas alone — as our basic human rights are litigated once again, state by state.

Tonight, as the President lays out his vision for the future of our country, it is up to us to show up on Election Day, to ensure his successor carries out that vision and protects our community.

The President who made that “It Gets Better” video …

president obama final sotu

… made this happened not just in the White House, but every house in America.

Tune in tonight for the President’s speech, watch the Republican debate this Thursday, January 14th and Democratic debate Sunday, January 17th, and most of all, to vote on November 8th!

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