Will Braun Is Rock Hard As Christian Wilde Makes His Cherry Go Poof

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Christian Wilde pops Will Braun’s cherry today at Men.com. Despite his nerves, once Christian started pounding, Will’s rock hard cock speaks — and later spews — volumes about exactly how his first time getting fucked really felt like.

pops will braun's cherry
Will Braun definitely has a starter hole.

pops will braun's cherry

Christian Wilde does not have a starter cock.

pops will braun's cherry

On the left, is a still taken before the filming. Note Will’s cock is shriveled in fear. On the right, in a screen cap from the video, Will’s cock isn’t just hard, it’s throbbing.

Will sounds introspective and apprehensive before the echos of the moans take over.

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NakedSword’s Christian Wilde is the poster boy for what an All-American porn star should be. He’s charming and full of swagger, there is no one’s pants he can’t get in to, or lack of people trying to get in to his. Christian can go from zero to hard in thirty seconds flat, showing that he’s always ready to get hot & heavy no matter who, what, where, or when the situation will call for it. His recent win of the 2013 Grabby Award for Best Actor in “Wilde Road” proves he’s more than just a bad boy with killer blue eyes.
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