Man Injects Hot Vaseline Into Penis In Botched Penis Enlargement

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penis enlargement horror story

Perhaps inspired by this man’s dramatic penis enlargement a 24-year-old man from the U.K. let his friend inject hot Vaseline into his penis in hopes it would make it bigger. Not surprisingly, it didn’t. Instead, he was left with a broken penis.

Feeling self-conscious about the size of his penis, Szilveszter was convinced by a friend that it was common practice to insert hot Vaseline into his willy, which left it painful, lumpy and misshapen.

“I was talking to my friend about wanting to lose weight so my penis would look bigger when he replied, ‘You don’t need to lose weight -– I can help you.'”

After his friend gave him the injections, Szilveszter, a dad of one, was thrilled. But a few months later problems began.

“It was painful and bleeding. I went to my GP, but he said he couldn’t help me. Szilveszter was devastated. His willy was too sore and inflamed to get an erection.

“It hurt so much I had to stop having sex with my wife. It was the worst mistake of my life.”

Szilveszter feared he and his wife would never be able to have more children, and that he’d end up losing his family.

Szilveszter sought out “plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars” Dr Vik Vijh, who has made a name for himself in the England for fixing botched surgeries like this. But even he found Szilveszter’s case challenge:

“I’ve been doing plastic surgery for 20 years and I’ve never seen this,” he says. “There were large, hard, tender lumps where the body had formed scar tissue around the petroleum jelly. The foreskin was 15 times as swollen as it should be.”

It was the first time Dr Vijh had ever performed such a corrective op, which involved skinning the penis like a banana, removing the lumps, then stitching it back up:

penis enlargement horror story

“To fix Szilveszter’s problem, the penis had to be skinned like a banana”

Szilveszter was terrified, but, incredibly, the op was a success, and he’s regained his sex life

This story has a happy ending.; Dr Vijh did some miracle work and got Szilveszter’s peen working again:

“My wife is very happy and I am happy,” he grins. “We both want another baby.”

(Story via Mirror.Co.Uk, from a show airing on TLC called “Extreme Beauty Disasters”)

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