Ordained By Insemination: MormonBoyz

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Secret kabals, virgin male teens, and sexual ceremonies. The MormonBoyz’ stories are unlike anything you have heard. Or seen, That all changes on July 4th when Elder Sorenson tells his story on NakedSword.

Mormon missionaries are clean cut 18 yo boys, sexually pure, discovering their sexuality complete with kinky and mandatory secret underwear. They are presented by their fathers to handsome older men for their initiation ceremony where repression leads to intense and kinky expressions of sexuality & forbidden desires.

It makes for quite a story. Each week, new chapters of the ongoing stories of these missionary boys are added. It all begins today at NakedSword.

“We are very excited to be partnering with NakedSword in releasing the story of Elder Sorenson.”

We celebrate Independence Day with Elder Sorenson losing his independence — among other things he will get back. In these first three episodes, this slim, inexperienced teen first day as a Mormon missionary. And he’s terrified.

Especially when he meets Elder Stewart with that beautiful face, a giant cock, and a voracious sexual appetite.

“At is core, MormonBoyz is a daddy-son story site. Each missionary’s story is like its own mini-series. The updates track the boys progression toward his ultimate goal of being ordained by demonstrating sufficiently submissiveness and an eagerness to prove thier devotion.

“We see Mormon missionaries as another gay icon along withs sailors, firemen, cowboys, the Mormon missionary boy is iconic.”

And we can see it all when MormonBoyz comes to NakedSword.

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