On The Hunt’s For A Gay Sex Vacation

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Two weekends ago we flew into Vegas to visit the set of a shoot for Manhunt’s On The Hunt amateur site. Of course, when we got there we found that it wasn’t just any shoot — in addition to us, they’d flown in twenty guys, four porn-star directors and hoped to film forty scenes in just a few days. There were only two rules: no drugs and no sex off camera. If you wanted to fuck, you had to get a director. There was a lot of competition for directors.On The Hunt had solicited working models (Rod Daily, Pat Bateman, Marc Williams) but for the most part it was guys who’d written the site with their fantasies (there was a binder detailing what each guy was hoping to do that weekend. Fuck Fantasy Island. This was more like the Hotel California, except in Nevada.

From the beginning, I was chasing this Serbian with an amazing furry ass who, in turn, was dogging a hot jock who could have tripled for a Jaric. Luckily, Caesar was available with his trusty camera, and so were we.



You’ll be happy to know that after the fun is over, the dildos do get washed.



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