Olympic Gay Porn Scandal

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This could be a big news scoop, but it may be premature to say so without all the facts I need. I am posting it anyway in hopes of getting input from readers to get to the truth. Hey, I never claimed to be a responsible journalist…

From what I can decipher, there is a scandal brewing in Hungary concerning an Olympic wrestler being thrown off his team for appearring in gay porn videos. The guy’s real name is Gergo Szabó and he goes by porn name Sergio Foster. Here is a link to the Official Hungarian Olympic Committee site of Gergo Szabó aka Sergio Foster.

A reader of GayPornBlog.com alerted me to this story and provided links. According to my source, “The weird career of Szabó – being in the 66kg category of the 2004 Hungarian Olympic Wrestlers’ Team – shocked the directorate. At the same time the Team straightaway inhibits the olympic membership of Szabó, and ordered the Hungarian Wrestlers’ Club to take immediate survey about this case.

Here is the link to the official news of his firing from the Olympic team. If I could read Hungarian, I might be able to give more details about the story. Can anyone out there translate it, please?

My source also supplied some links to related stories about connections between sport of bodybuilding, escorting and the sudden emergence of gay porn coming from Hungary and Eastern Europe. The first article, “How Strong Boys Become Girls” talks about bodybuilders who escort, including Mr. Ukraine, Mr. Universe/Mr. World, 1991 US Heavyweight Champ, and the very entrepenurial Scott Sloan, the first Mr. World (“It ain’t Porno, it’s Slorno!”)

The second article mentions several well-known Hungarian bodybuilders, lists the movies they appearred in, and how they get into gay porn as a way to further their careers in legit modeling and film.

The third article is an interview with a Hungarian porn star who didn’t give his name, but alluded to even more scandal about Istvan Korda, the gay high ranking government official who paved the way for allowing porn to be shot in Hungary, and was eventually found murdered. And the tabloid also dropped this bombshell: “The world press have recently published an article on the most embarrassing sex-scandal of the season. Michael Jakcson and Fred Scahffer, producer of the song “What More Can I Give’, which was written for the memory of the victims of 9/11, have decided to go separate ways. It seems almost natural that we Hungarians are deeply involved in this case, as Schaffer and his colleagues have been shooting their gay-porn movies here in Budapest. This part time job’ seems to be highly profitable.”

The fourth article seems to talk about the Gergo Szabo story but it doesn’t have an English translation either. It has links to tons of free galleries and porn sites that feature all the popular Hungarian porn stars, including George Vidanov, probably the most famous of them all. (George Vidanov is my personal favorite of the bunch, too!)

So, what’s the big deal about this story? Sure, we all love gossip for the sake of gossip, but those of us who were here in San Francisco 20 years ago are still stinging from the way the Olympic Committee dragged the Gay Games through the courts over the name “Gay Olympics”. The word “Olympics” has become just as generic a word as “Kleenex” and “Xerox”, but they chose to go after the Gay Games for reasons of pure homophobia.

It also comes right on the heels of baseball player Kazuhito Tadano‘s gay porn revelations. Tadano still has his job because there is money to be made from a professional baseball player (and I believe he already had a contract before his gay porn revelations came out).

Before we jump to conclusions about Szabo/Foster’s homophobic firing, we should find out the rest of the facts. (Sidebar: he’s probably straight in real life, as are many of the guys in gay porn coming from Hungary.) If anyone can help with translating the stories or providing other links, I’d appreciate it.

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