Collin Simpson: Nailed

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Collin Simpson is one beautiful man. More so with a cock in his mouth. And even more so with Nick Paul’s dick in that muscular ass. Which means today, he fucking gorgeous.

nick paul fucks collin simpson gayhooplaRumor has it that when Collin runs his mouth, he sounds a little too reminiscent of Colby Keller that we’d like. Fortunately, Neal keeps Collin’s pie hole too busy today to do much talking. Then Collin’s ass hole gets the same treatment.

nick paul fucks collin simpson gayhooplaBoth of these nearly perfect bodies intertwining is a visual to store in the memory banks. As is the condition of Collin’s cock throughout? His cock sure was having a very hard time of things today.

nick paul fucks collin simpson gayhooplaAnd hard is exactly how he wanted to be pounded. Neal didn’t him down. And this scene won’t let you down either. Get you up and get you off is more like it. Repeat and enjoy. Well done, boys & TGIF!.

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