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Summertime and the movies go together like cock and ass and Naked Sword’s “The Biggest Catch” delivers plenty of both. This comedic co-production pits Killian James, JD Phoenix, and Garrett Cooper as trio of go-go boys trying to snare the sugar daddy with the deepest pockets. The question is … which daddy has the biggest sweet tooth?

In the opener, “Daddy’s Watching,” Max Cameron is the rich poppa. The problem is, he already has a hung boy-toy (Jackson Filmore). They all meet up at Steamworks and it seems daddy Max wants a show. The stage is set with a pig room complete with a plexiglass wall. Just how hardcore is the flip-flop between the boys that JD Phoenix ends up with both a mouth full and a condo? Just watch …

[Watch Episode One, “Daddy’s Watching,” at NakedSword]

NakedSword exclusive Killian James stars in the second episode, “Everything’s Negotiable.” What is negotiable is whether co-star Casey More is a human Greek God or merely the hottest mortal man on the planet. The sheer pleasure of getting pounded by such a man as Casey Moore is easily worth more than $500k and the fancy Audi he grifted out of it. But does Killian see it that way?

[Watch Episode Two, “Everything’s Negotiable,” At NakedSword]

The third installment, “Backdoor Draft,” features top drawer Falcon exclusive Andrew Stark
as the hunky bartender Garrett Cooper is trying to get some sugar out of. What he gets is impaled, spun around and nailed on the pool table. Garrett did score VIP passes but how will he use those to pay the bills?

[Watch Episode Three, “Backdoor Draft,” at NakedSword”]

In “No String Attached,” the final episode, Killian catches glimpse of Adam Ramzi who wears a BMW like James Bond wears a bespoke suit. Killian recovers Adam’s dropped wallet and almost instantly drops his pants when he goes to return it. It’s almost as if he knows Adam will fuck the cum of him, lick the jizz from his cock head and feed it back to him. And that’s not even the real prize.

[Watch Episode Four, “No String Attached,” at NakedSword]

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