Who Tops Whom: Leo & Blue Bailey Kick Off NakedSword’s The Pack

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It seems like it’s been forever since the last NakedSword’s latest original, but it’s only been a little over a month. The Pack was shot all on location in NYC, and even filmed in New York’s legendary (and legendarily filthy) Black Party. With lots of New York grime, initiations, and rough sex, “The Pack” could be NS’s edgiest release to date.

The first scene, “Derailed” matches perennial faves Blue Bailey and Leo Forte. Cam Christou cruises the pair on the Subway, and a three-way seems like it’s in the bag, but Cam misses them when they get off at their stop.

nakedsword leo forte the pack

nakedsword leo forte the pack

From the first second Leo and Blue start going at it, it’s intense and they get all bitty and punchy on each other. Since they’re are both versatile, it’s a bit suspenseful figuring out who will top and who will bottom. They fight for it … find out who fucks whom in the free, five-minute clip from the scene, along with the trailer, both after the jump …

“The Pack” Episode 1 Trailer:

“The Pack” Episode 1 free 5-Minute Clip:

Click here to watch Episode 1 of “The Pack”.

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