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The hell with the Mile High Club. Finally, there’s a frequent flyer program for your dick.

Our guys won’t be in the news for being forcibly removed from a plane. Because they know when you plan accordingly, “The Layover” can be the best part of your trip.

“The Layover”, the latest from NakedSword Originals and directed by mr. Pam, proves once and for all then when it comes to air travel, the smoothest take-offs start with your taking off your pants.

A trio of returning favorites, Mickey Taylor, Colton Grey, and Brian Bonds are joined by …
layover gay porn nakedswordJason Vario, Michael Roman, Alessandro Haddad, and Mateo Drago making their studio debuts.

Episode One “Lucky 21”, starring Mickey Taylor and Brian Bonds, premieres tomorrow, April 12th.
layover gay porn nakedswordBritish flight attendant Mickey Taylor celebrates his 21st birthday with a quick trip to Las Vegas. His main objective: to see how many cocks he can get in a 24-hour layover.

Episode Two “Jackpot in Vegas” starring Jason Vario and Michael Roman will go live on Wednesday, April 19th.
layover gay porn nakedswordSomething about a layover in Vegas always makes flight attendant Michael Roman horny. As luck would have it he spots muscular hunk Jason Vario in a parking lot and the sexual tension is hotter than the 90-degree heat.

Episode Three “Grey Skies Over LA” starring Mickey Taylor and Colton Grey will go live on Wednesday, April 26th.
layover gay porn nakedswordColton Grey’s layover at LAX gives him just enough time to hit West Hollywood and find some quick dick. One look at tattooed Brit Mickey Taylor is all it takes and Colton whisks him off to a nearby hotel.

Episode 4 “Fuck’n’Go In Mexico” starring Alessandro Haddad and Mateo Drago will go live on Wednesday, May 3rd.
layover gay porn nakedswordWhat could be better than an extended layover in Puerto Vallarta? A layover with a hot stripper from Wet Dreams! Just ask Alessandro Haddad who spends his day in PV sucking cock and getting his ass plowed by local stud Mateo Drago.

Our jet-setting playboys are here to tackle the question on every horny traveler’s mind: What should I do during my layover? You can bet Mickey Taylor and his friends aren’t browsing duty-free, reading a book, or taking a nap between flights. From Vegas to Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta these young, hung, full of cum studs show you how they spend their temporary downtime in “The Layover”.

[Watch “The Layover” at NakedSword]

We’ll see you, Mickey Taylor, and Brian Bonds tomorrow for the premiere of the first scene from “The Layover”.


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