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frat house cream

Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, NakedSword will be launching its big fall release — Frat House Cream — with free memberships, cameras and cold-hard cash. The only catch? They want to see your “Cream” face. Details after the jump … 

If you’re like me, you’ll say yes. (A few months ago, they approached me with an idea and some cash and asked if I could put together a script. Let me be frank: escorts aren’t the only whores in this business.) And so began the story of a lonely frat boy with a menacing stalker. Creepy! Hot! Creepyhot! (You be the judge.) 

But to the situation at hand. NakedSword wants to see your “cream” face (see Hunter’s Cream Face above, for inspiration). We’ll post anyone who submits their “Cream” face to us here — 12 finalists will be selected in a few weeks, and all 12 get free memberships to NakedSword. The three finalists with the most votes win the following prizes:

1st Prize!
iPad mini + 1 year membership to NakedSword

2nd prize! 
Polaroid camera + film + 3 month membership to NakedSword!

3rd Prize!
$100 + 30 day membership to NakedSword

Pictures can be slutty, shameful, idiotic, sexy, or whatever. Just take the picture and we’ll convert it into a Cream Poster. For legal reasons relating to porn sites and record-keeping, they can’t be hardcore or show nudity (damn you, federal government!) Other than that, you’re pretty free to do what you want. (You can submit them here.)

Check out the teaser trailer:



Frat House Cream (via NakedSword)


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