“The Money Shot Isn’t When I Cum, It’s When You Do”

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“You can’t really change sex, but you can change how you shoot it for the better. And that’s what I strive to do every day.” ~Trenton Ducati

When The Sword first sat down with Trenton Ducati at the beginning of the year to discuss his first directorial effort, “Greasers”, it was quickly apparent that there was a lot cooking under that famed pompadour.

We had the opportunity to talk with him again about the recent launch of TrentonDucati.com. We weren’t surprised to discover that the site is an extension of the man himself: complete, complex, and filled with dreams and heart.

The Sword: Trenton, thank you for your time once again. Let’s get right to it. What was your vision for TrentonDucati.com
Trenton Ducati: Harlan, thank you as well. As for my vision, I wanted to continue to make amazing, high-quality content and establish a state-of-the-art home for people to watch it.

trenton ducati gay pornWill it also have content from your other sites?
Yes. Yes indeed. In addition to the scenes from Gentlemen’s Closet and Nasty Daddy, since this is a collaboration with NakedSword and AEBN, the selection has just about anything and everything anyone could want porn wise.

How often will TrentonDucati.com be updated with content you’re producing specifically for your new site?
Every two weeks there will be a new scene exclusive to TrentonDucati.com. And when you add that to my other sites and the catalogs’ of NakedSword and AEBN, I feel like I am a part of something bigger. I am proud to carry on the tradition of creating beautiful content and take our place among the top studios like Raging Stallion & Hot House.

By any measure, that is a lot of porn and collected with a purpose.
Yes. There are thousands and thousands of scenes. I want TrentonDucati.com to become the go-to place to find whatever you want, whenever you want it. It’s not just Trenton Ducati. It’s NakedSword Originals, it’s Falcon, and hundreds of others.

trenton ducati gay pornWill there be bareback scenes as well?
Yes, there will. But I have a different take on that specifically. The approach I have is that hot is hot. Period. Condoms are included in that. To me, the success of a scene is about the chemistry and connection between the performers, not whether it’s bareback or not.

As for which scenes will be bare and which will be safe, the determining factor is what it should always be: the model’s choice. Look at the scene we have up with Seth Santoro and Arad Winwin. If anyone is turned off by a piece of latex, they are really limiting themselves.

trenton ducati gay pornHave you been visualizing what you wanted in the site for a long time?
I have a creative, entrepreneurial mind. It’s natural for me to create companies. I always had it in my mind that I wanted to have three different, quality studios. And while each is different, one common thread between Gentlemen’s Closet, Nasty Daddy, and now TrentonDucati.com is to always deliver really hot sex and great penetration.

And … and this is a big one, they will always be delivered with mixed media and a randomness that means from scene to scene, the surfer won’t know what it will be. Or where it will take place, or even how it will be shot. But they will know the end result: it will get them off.

What kind of support have you received from the gay adult industry?
I am humbled by the amount of help I have received. Of course, it was the belief of NakedSword, Falcon Studios Group President, Tim Valenti or none of this would be possible. Chi Chi LaRue was and is with me every move I make. And Chris Ward helped me define my vision for three sites so they could be realized.

trenton ducati gay pornYou mentioned Chris Ward in our interview about “Greasers”. He’s had more than just “tactical advice” for you has he not?
More than I can express. He taught me early on, the money shot isn’t when I cum, it’s when the viewer does. It’s our duty to a great job for them. To deliver what they signed up for and then exceed their expectations.

Do you encourage input from your members and surfers as well?
Very much. I feel peace by creating … I thrive in the chaos of a scene and all its many moving parts. We receive scripts and scenarios from our members and I LOVE that. When you add that to the industry support, it’s like a giant family has come together. That gives me a great feeling on the inside.

Another thing I recall from our Greasers’ interview: when it comes to production, you are very model-centric.
I will never lose touch with my “inner-performer.” But I most definitely and purposefully set out to create a safe place for them to work. To eliminate the fear in their minds how next month’s rent will be paid. That extends beyond the models to also the photographers, videographers, and editors. I am very proud of that.

trenton ducati gay porn
You mentioned surfers give you scene ideas. What about the models?
You can’t imagine how many. The best is when I can tap into the cutting edge of what’s happening in the model’s lives at that moment. Once I know who they like and how they like it, I craft scenes specifically around that. That allows for an inherent, sexy dynamic that is more real and far sexier than something just dreamed up the morning of a shoot.

Trenton, as always, it’s been a pleasure. Last question. What do you know about gay porn that no one else does?
Thank you too. I’m still learning every day. Every day. But there is one thing I am sure of. You can’t really change sex, but you can change how you shoot it for the better. And that’s what I strive to do every day.

Trenton Ducati, the future is yours. For everyone else,
right this way to visit TrentonDucati.com.

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