Did Jason Crystal Really Do It All For Mom?

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Until now I’ve avoided talking about this one certain model not because I found him unattractive (I actually think he’s quite hot) but because I just didn’t know how or where to start. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call him Jason Crystal (but Unzipped — who’s done a meticulous job of keeping tabs on him — found him on 17 different sites using at least 10 different names: Jason Krystal, Damien Parks, Jason Kayz, Casey and Kay Tatsahiko are just a few of his aliases).


Yesterday his new agent David Forest issued a press release offering the following explanation for this strange behavior:

It’s not every day that a 4 year Marine … tells his sister that he’ll do gay porn to raise money for their Mom’s cancer bills. AND, in order to make as much money as possible in a short time period (his Mom’s cancer needed immediate care) … he told each employer that “their” shoot was his 1st project … and used a different name for each company. He ended up working for 17 different producers, doing whatever gay sex activities it took to get the top pay possible …


It’s plausible, I guess, especially if you don’t think about it too much. And as much as I don’t want to be the creep calling bullshit on someone’s dying mother story, since yesterday’s press release, horror stories have started to surface (“He smells! He steals! He has 8 different MySpace accounts! He hasn’t spoken to his family in years!”), along with the requisite criminal record.

ANYway … let’s hope “Jason” sticks with a name all gets all this shit straightened out; Dude’s a serious fox with a pretty fucking major body and could easily be one of gay porn’s top stars.


Free Jason Crystal image gallery from “Heads Up” from COLT (Source of above images)
Jason Crystal wasn’t gay-for-pay, he was gay-for-chemo (Unzipped)
No, Jason Crystal, You Mom Does Not Have Cancer

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